Ways to ship online with FedEx

If you’re looking for easy shipping online, look to FedEx. Whether it’s inbound, outbound international shipping you require, we make it simple and streamlined.

How do you want to ship?

Need to ship right away?
In only 4 steps, send a single package using a FedEx account – with FedEx Ship Manager™ Lite, our simple, streamlined tool. No need to set up a login. Now ship on the go with your smart phone or tablet, shipping has never been easier.

Frequent shipper?
Register for FedEx Ship Manager™ at fedex.com to unlock advanced features: Store key details, check your shipping history, send many packages at once and much more.

Compare options for easy international shipping online


Get rates and transit times

Schedule a pick-up

Get automated status notifications

Send 1 package (up to 68kgs) per shipment

Ship multiple packages in one shipment


Ship heavy items (above 68kgs)


Send dangerous goods and dry ice


Fill in customs paperwork online


Store contact details in an address book

Review your shipping history and run reports


Mobile device (tablet or smartphone)