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FedEx InSight® is a new generation of online shipment visibility applications. It proactively notifies you by email of critical shipment events with actionable information.

No matter how many packages you ship, FedEx InSight® will improve your efficiency and flexibility in managing your supply chain operations.


  • Web-based: Leading-edge, web-based business tool which offers you a new level of visibility of shipping activities
  • View package status: Proactively tracks incoming, outgoing and third party payer shipments (without a tracking number)
  • Automatic critical shipment notifications: Immediate email notification of delivery, clearance delays and attempted delivery
  • Precise status summaries: Provides status details of all shipments, including multiple piece shipments and content description information
  • Troubleshooting: Pinpoints customs delays and delivery attempts and recommends actions

Because FedEx InSight® automatically tracks your shipments and alerts you to critical shipping events (such as delays, customs releases, consolidated proofs of delivery, and delivery pre-alerts), it gives you the shipping information you need to effectively manage your supply chain.

Using FedEx InSight® can help you to better plan your manufacturing or distribution resources, manage your inventories and returned goods and increase your customer satisfaction - all of which positively affect the bottom line.

Go to FedEx InSight® then register to get your user ID and password.

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