Latest Global Citizenship Report Confirms FedEx Commitment to Green and Social Initiatives

Latest Global Citizenship Report Confirms FedEx Commitment to Green and Social Initiatives

FedEx continues to set and achieve challenging goals to reduce carbon emissions and move the company forward in an environmentally-conscious manner.

Our latest Global Citizenship Report details how far we have gone in achieving planned reductions in aircraft emissions and improved fuel efficiency goals. As a result of this success, we have ambitiously increased our air emission goals to 30% by 2020 based on a 2005 baseline (up from 20%) and have also reaffirmed our commitment to source at least 30% of our jet fuel from alternative energy sources by 2030.

Sustainable business solutions and workplace practices remain of paramount importance at FedEx and other important environmentally-friendly strategies currently pursued by FedEx include:

  • The deployment of more fuel-efficient and greater-payload aircraft;
  • The use of all-electric commercial vehicles to work alongside our fuel-efficient vans, hybrid vehicles and innovative delivery vehicles such as electric-powered tricycles;
  • The introduction of FedEx Carbon-Neutral Envelope Shipping, a no-cost-to-consumers programme that significantly helps to reduce our customers’ environmental footprint;
  • Our worldwide recycling efforts, which resulted in the collection of almost 50m pounds of recyclable waste in 2011.

Other activities supported by FedEx include the provision of transport for disaster relief supplies and equipment and programmes in support of child pedestrian safety and enhanced environmentally public transport services. In addition, FedEx employees around the world volunteer to help a wide variety of local, national and international organisations.

More information about these FedEx programmes which detail our commitment to responsible corporate citizenship can be found in the online version of the FedEx 2011 Global Citizenship update at