FedEx Gives You the Best and Easiest Returns Service!

FedEx Gives You the Best and Easiest Returns Service!

When you do business all over the globe you need a return shipping service that keeps it simple for you and your customers.

FedEx® Global Returns service gives you reliable, cost-effective and easy-to-use returns management capability, complete with full tracking visibility 24/7.

With FedEx® Global Returns you can automatically create, print and enclose a return label and customs documentation with each shipment, or else send a return label as a pdf within an email.

All your customer has to do is apply the label to the return shipment and then give the package to FedEx, along with the appropriate customs documentation, for us to get it back to you.

And what’s more, whatever shipping option you choose, you always get the same reliable service fully supported by our unrivalled FedEx Money-Back Guarantee (Please see our FedEx Conditions of Carriage for details).

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