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FedEx® Global Returns puts control of your return shipments in your hands with an automated, customs-friendly solution.

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Greater return control for Spectra Logic

See how we were able to help Spectra Logic optimize their returns.

Take control of your international returns.

Both original and return shippers have more control in the returns process with FedEx Global Returns, reducing errors and creating a smoother return experience for everyone.

More control. With FedEx Global Returns, you can control where the return is destined and how fast it gets there. You can also maintain full visibility throughout the returns process, link the return shipment to the original outbound shipment and manage tracking and reporting for all returns in your account.

More flexibility. You’ll have the freedom to create return labels and customs documents at the same time as the outbound shipment or create them just for the return leg — and you can choose to send the label as a hard copy, PDF, or editable online return label.

Customs clearance assistance. We’ll help navigate key information items that brokers and customs officials need and minimizing delays.

Tips for Original Shippers

Find everything you need to set up a return shipment for customers, clients, and business partners.

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Tips for Return Shippers

Processing an international return? We’re here to help.

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