Automotive Industry

An assembly line in France needs to ensure a shipment of cruise control mechanisms arrives from the U.S. in time to meet a tight production schedule.

A manufacturer has recalled a line of power window motors and you need to have over 100,000 units distributed throughout a dealer network in Eastern Europe in two days — or you risk losing a three-year contract.

You must get a shipment of new engine valves into India by Friday morning or $25 million of new business may be at risk. Will a delay in customs cost you the business?

Distribution of automotive parts is becoming increasingly complex. As automotive manufacturers add more pressure to reduce costs, parts suppliers are seeking lower-cost labor markets across the globe. The growing demand for automobiles in emerging markets is driving new distribution channels to quickly reach those markets. The quickening pace of parts innovation also makes speed to market more important. Furthermore, dealing with the complexity of customs clearance, import regulations, documentation and classification, tariffs, currency exchange and heightened security concerns can be a heavy load, especially when you’re trying to concentrate on growing your business.

Synchronized ReliabilitySM Customized for the automotive industry.
FedEx Express and FedEx Global Supply Chain Services offer a portfolio of services to meet the critical demands of Just-In-Time strategies, shipping visibility, and synchronized delivery. They can be applied with the flexibility and scalability needed to move with changing market conditions.

International Transportation Services

Today it’s Germany. Tomorrow’s shipment might be to Turkey or India or Korea. The fact is, the customers for your auto parts are shifting their facilities to the locations that best serve their needs and their service expectations are higher than ever. If you don’t get it there on time, there may not be a next time. Add to that the pressures of meeting just-in-time production schedules, clearing customs for parts that can be heavy and oversize, getting parts to the destination to meet stringent service requirements — and you’re facing a real challenge.

International Support Services

You have just been awarded a contract to supply over 50,000 brake pads per year — if you can guarantee immediate delivery of 500 units from the U.S. to a distributor in Amsterdam in two days. Will you know on Wednesday evening whether the entire shipment cleared customs? You have to. Committing to a delivery date with confidence so your customers can meet production and service requirements is key to building your business. And FedEx can help you make it happen.

International Supply Chain Services

A distributor in France is one of your biggest customers. He depends on you to get his parts there when he needs them, to meet his own service commitments. If you tell him there’s been a delay in customs, his business could be hurt and your trading relationship compromised, and something as simple as a minor error on a routine form can make it happen. Avoiding hiccups in your international supply chain requires expedited customs clearance through proper documentation, accurate labeling and specific commodity descriptions.

FedEx International Priority DirectDistribution®

FedEx International Priority DirectDistribution® is a contractual service that allows the Automotive industry and their partners to consolidate multiple pieces to multiple recipients in one shipment that clears customs as a single unit, under one international express air waybill. Once it clears, the shipment is electronically deconsolidated into individual packages, ready for FedEx world-class, on-time delivery.

Critical Inventory Logistics Services
Comprehensive, end-to-end solution designed to optimize the management of your critical inventory and service parts distribution and returns process.

Fulfillment Services Integrated fulfillment services that facilitate inbound and outbound, and reverse logistics.

Returns Management Services Flexible, multi-channel suite of solutions allowing customers control of the returns process.