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Finding the Right eShipping Solution for you

As an alternative to contacting your FedEx Sales representative or Customer Automation Help Desk, you can discover online which eShipping solution is right for you.

Just complete the following questionnaire, and then click on the "Send Request" button, to find out which FedEx eShipping Tool best meets your shipping requirements.

Do you have access to the Internet?Yes
Do you prefer to work online?
(versus an offline solution)
How many packages do you ship per day, on average?Less than 25
More than 25
How is your shipping administration organized?
Centralized. (Shipments are prepared from a central mailroom or warehouse)
Decentralized. (Shipments are prepared by many people in different locations)
Does your company require a full integration of the shipping function with your own processes and systems*?Yes

* Processes and systems: inventory, accounting or order management systems.
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