Dangerous Goods

FedEx Express® is one of the largest carriers of Dangerous Goods worldwide. We have the expertise to provide safe solutions for handling and transporting your Dangerous Goods shipment.
Dangerous Goods Resources
What are Dangerous Goods?
  • Dangerous Goods are commodities that, when transported, pose some form of danger to people, animals, the environment, or the carrier. Dangerous goods can be either acceptable or unacceptable for shipping. The latest list of Dangerous Goods can be accessed at www.iata.org
  • There are nine classifications of Dangerous Goods that identify the type of danger each possesses. These are grouped into categories called accessible and inaccessible which determine the FedEx Service you can ship with.
Accessible vs. Inaccessible Dangerous Goods
Certain Dangerous Goods shipments must be accessible to the flight crew in-flight. These are categorized as Accessible Dangerous Goods (ADG). Inaccessible Dangerous Goods (IDG) do not need to be loaded so they are accessible to the flight crew in-flight.

Available Services
Depending upon the Dangerous Goods category, FedEx Express offers a number of shipping options. For a list of Accessible and Inaccessible Dangerous Goods, see Overview

Accessible Dangerous Goods may be shipped via: Inaccessible Dangerous Goods may be shipped via: