FedEx International Priority DirectDistribution Freight®

For shipments weighing more than 68 kg. (150 lbs.) Deliver freight straight from the point of manufacture to multiple customers or end users. Consolidated freight clears customs as a single unit and then individual pieces are delivered to multiple addresses, bypassing warehouses and middlemen.

Delivery Times

Typically in 4 to 6 business days to most codes. Choose from four shipping options:

Service Days

Monday to Friday.

Delivery Area

Throughout the U.S.and select countries (see list of countries)

Package Size

  • 68 kg (150 lbs) to 1000 kg. (2200 lbs.)per package; unlimited shipment weight.
  • 302 cm x 178 cm (119" x 70"). Maximum length plus girth is 762 cm (300").

Service Extras

Money-back guarantee
Dangerous Goods

How to use this service

Contact your FedEx Account Executive or call your local Customer Service Representative for more information