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How can I register for FedEx Invoice Online?
Simply visit our website at, select "Manage My Account" on the menu bar, click on the "New Account Registration" icon and download the form and a FedEx Invoice On-line Service Agreement. Fill in all the required information, and fax to us. You'll then be given a password for login.

Do I need to pay for this service?
No. Subscribing to the FedEx Invoice Online service is free.

If I want to unsubscribe from the system, what do I do?
Simply click on the "New Account Registration" icon and download the form. Check the "Unsubscribe" box, fill in all the required information and fax to us. Your next invoice will then be sent to you by mail.

Is there any limit to the number of users who can access the system for each company?
With the Default Setup Option, only one user ID is assigned for each company. With the Customer Setup Option, two administrator IDs are assigned for each company and the administrators can create user IDs to meet your internal needs.

Our company's payment procedure requires several people to verify invoices and approve payments. Can I register more than one user?
Yes. You can choose the Customer Setup Option and have your administrators to set up your own workflow, which allows more than one person to access to the system, and each person can be assigned different functions within the accounts payable process.

What is the difference between Default Setup and Customer Setup Option?
Default Setup option does not require you to do any administrative setup. Once registered, you can view your invoices, raise invoice disputes and process credit card payment online, or make offline check payment.

Administrative setup is required for Customer Setup Option. Administrative setup allows your company to setup your own accounts payable process that meets your business needs.

How do I add or delete users on the system?
People with Administrator rights can perform this function. The Administrator can add or delete users any time by logging on to FedEx Invoice Online, entering user setup, and changing the necessary information.

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How do I receive the most updated invoice online?
After registration, invoices will be posted on the website automatically for your processing. In addition, the system will allow you to configure built-in email alerts to advise you of any new invoices, as well as other events such as overdue reminders.

Can I track the status of invoices and payments any time?
Yes. You can log on to the system any time to track the most updated status of any invoice or payment.

What are the technical requirements to be able to use FedEx Invoice Online?
You need an Internet accessed PC and a standard web browser - Internet Explorer 5.5 or above. You can then receive and view all FedEx invoices electronically and perform all the functions. If you want to download your invoices, your will need the free Acrobat Reader application available from

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Charge Disputes

How do I dispute a shipment charge online?
You can raise a dispute against an open invoice. After viewing the invoice, click the "Dispute" icon, select "Dispute Reasons" enter additional remarks if necessary, and submit to us. We will then investigate the case.

How do I dispute a duty and tax charge for a shipment online?
Use the same procedure above.

Can I dispute a settled invoice?
No. You can only dispute an open invoice.

If I have disputed a shipment charge which is part of an invoice, do I need to settle the payment for the rest of the invoice?
Yes. You need to settle the rest of the outstanding bills on the invoice by entering the total payment amount less the disputed amount.

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Payment Methods

What methods of payment may I use for FedEx Invoice Online?
You may choose credit card, direct debit or electronic funds transfer, depending on availability of the service in your country. Of course, you are also welcome to pay by check. Please call your local FedEx billing agents for details.

Can I pay by individual invoice and by groups of invoices?
Yes. You may pay invoices one at a time or group several invoices together.

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Payment Procedures

What are the procedures for payment?
Normally, after invoice verification, you can authorize the payment. This can be done by a single user or a pre-assigned group of users. For on-line payment, you need to select the "Payment Method" and fill in all appropriate information. The system will ask for a confirmation of your password before the payment can be processed. For offline payment, you only have to print out the remittance advice, prepare the check and mail to FedEx.

What is the procedure if I want to pay by direct debit?
This is only available to Customer Setup Option. By signing a direct debit request, you can authorise FedEx to arrange for funds to be debited from your bank account. FedEx will only arrange for the funds to be debited from your account for the amount and invoices that you have selected and authorised in the FedEx Invoice Online Website. Please be reminded that the direct debit on this system is on your demand, i.e. payment will only be initiated at your request. Please call our Billing Hotline for the copy of direct debit form and agreement.

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How do I request a refund for shipping charges that were billed to my FedEx account?
Please call your local FedEx billing agent and we will investigate.

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Information Security

Are there security issues to posting my invoices online?
Please be reassured that data posted online is housed in a highly secured environment.

How long are my invoices stored online?
All invoice information is stored online for 90 days. However, upon your request, we can provide re-print of your invoices after the 90-day period.

Can I download invoice information and print it out?
Yes. You can download information from the system in various formats and at various levels, such as XML format for invoice data, or PDF format for individual invoices.

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