eSupply Chain Tools

Enhance your business with FedEx's range of eSupply Chain Tools

FedEx is continuously developing cutting-edge e-solutions that give you the ability to succeed in today's new economy.

An integrated series of eSupply Chain Tools is now available to ensure the seamless flow of goods along the complete supply chain - from sourcing to order processing, shipping, tracking, invoicing and return management.

EC-Inventory Visibility
FedEx EC-Inventory Visibility allows you to utilize the Internet to access and maintain inventory and warehouse management information. The system also offers shipping and tracking functions, empowering you with complete visibility of where your goods are throughout the supply chain.

FedEx EC-Manufacturing Visibility
FedEx EC-Manufacturing Visibility represents an innovative solution to manage one's inbound supply chain. It enables you to track inbound shipments of components and raw materials via the Internet. The system also allows for data management, forecasting of lead times, and comparison of forecast versus ordered products.

FedEx EC-Warehouse Management
FedEx EC-Warehouse Management is a Java-based system that provides inventory and warehouse management. This system offers the complete functionality including reporting and administration features. EC-Warehouse Management possesses Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) capabilities, allowing flexible data exchange between systems.

EC-Return Management
FedEx EC-Return Management builds customer confidence and satisfaction by providing an Internet-based post-sales system for handling returns, repairs and replacements with a superior level of after-sale service.