Shipper's Toolbox

Find the tools and resources you need to ship packages with FedEx. Order your supplies, get help preparing your customs paperwork, drop off your shipment, and track it to its destination.

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Prepare and Plan | Customs Documentation | Ship | Follow Up | Useful Resources

Prepare and Plan

Customs Documentation Tools

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Shipping and Delivery

  • Find FedEx Locations
    Find the nearest place to drop off your FedEx packages.
  • Schedule Pickup
    Schedule a courier to pick up your packages on the day you wish to send them.
  • Shipper's Checklist
    Read this checklist to make sure your shipment is ready.

Follow-up Tools

  • Track
    Follow your shipment's progress to its destination.
  • Customer Help
    Contact us if you have any questions or problems with a shipment.

Useful Resources

  • After You Ship
    Discover what you can do after FedEx has picked up your shipment.

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