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  • Check our holiday schedules to plan your end of year deliveries

Check our holiday schedules to plan your end of year deliveries

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Christmas and the New Year

It’s not at all too soon to start planning your shipping schedules to take account of the very busy period leading up to Christmas and the end of year holiday season. There’s all your normal business to get through – but you also need to make sure that all your seasonal gifts will arrive safe and sound at just the right time.

So make sure you and your colleagues are well prepared for all eventualities by downloading right now:

  • the exact opening hours of your FedEx location over Christmas and the New Year;
  • the last drop-off dates for your packages, plus last shipping dates for all your destinations;
  • the best way to pack and ship your gifts so that they’ll be protected every step of the way;

Other international holidays

When you’re busy shipping packages all over the world it’s very important that you’re aware of public holidays in each and every country/territory. That way you make sure you avoid possible pickup, transit or delivery delays, you keep to your planned shipping schedules, and you keep your customers happy, too.

So just visit our FedEx International Holiday Schedule page, choose the country/territory you’re shipping to and you’ll get details of every public holiday for the year.

If you want a hard copy for any reason, all you have to do is hit the Print option and it’s done.

And once you’ve done that, book-mark it on your computer to save yourself time when you need the information again.

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