Summer 2016 Edition

  • Project Engineer in FedEx SC Veldhoven

QDM Specialists in FedEx SC Veldhoven

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We want to make every aspect of the service you need and get from FedEx an outstanding customer experience, each time and every time.

That means that day by day, in every part of our business all over the world, we make it our duty to analyze our performance through the use of a system of metrics to ensure that we always focus our efforts on what really matters most – your needs.

That’s why we use our Quality Driven Management (QDM) scheme to drive and enhance our performance for your benefit. In support of this abiding business strategy we appointed FedEx Supply Chain QDM Specialists with specific responsibilities for:

  • listening to and finding out from you what you want, and think, about our service and our response to your needs;
  • continually improving our systems and procedures so as to better meet your specific requirements;
  • enhancing the way we coordinate our inter-disciplinary skills, including creating cross-functional teams to design and implement robust solutions based on solid, clear and unambiguous evidence-based decisions;
  • monitoring all service improvement projects;
  • embedding quality and QDM in our daily work;
  • rapidly resolving any issues you may have through the sound and transparent application of QDM methodology.

In short, QDM is a unique quality philosophy and methodology that’s based on a belief deeply embedded in our culture – that you, not us, should define quality.

And that means you can always be sure that we put your needs first.

For more information about QDM, click here.

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