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  • FedEx connects the whole world - safely and responsibly

FedEx connects the whole world - safely and responsibly

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We live in an increasingly inter-dependent world. That’s why more and more people want to do business with companies that are really committed to the pursuit of sustainable, eco-friendly and socially responsible policies and operating practices.

Here at FedEx we believe that the only way forward is to grow our company and our services in a totally ethical manner: so the fact that in 2015 more than $6.2 billion revenue came from customers seeking information on corporate citizenship and carbon emission data provides clear evidence of the importance of this key global strategy.

We’ve just published our latest Global Citizenship Report (GCR) that provides details of all our green initiatives as well as our contributions to economic development and to the communities in which we work. Here are just a few examples of what we’ve achieved over the course of the last year:

Sustainable transport
FedEx has enabled forty cities in four countries to benefit from enhanced transport options provided in collaboration with the World Resources Institute EMBARQ Mobility and Access Program (MAP).

Employment pathways
We’ve taken an active role in a business initiative to create new work opportunities for 100,000 young people.

2,000 students in nine Asia Pacific markets have been aided by the FedEx Junior Achievement International Trade Challenge.

Disaster relief and charitable shipping
We’ve provided 3.5m lb of space to transport urgently needed supplies as well as $4.7 million in charitable donations for disaster affected communities.

Road safety
More than 1 million children continue to benefit from safer streets and road safety education programmes in association with Safe Kids Worldwide.

Connecting the world responsibly and resourcefully begins and ends with people. That’s why more than 15,822 team members volunteered 69,065 hours in over 500 cities as part of our annual FedEx Cares programme.

The environment
During 2015 our fifteen solar facilities saved 4,613 metric tons of CO2 emissions, while our carbon neutral shipping programme allowed us to deliver more than 580 million environment-friendly envelopes.

To learn more about how the FedEx citizenship strategy connects millions of people throughout the world every day, download the Global Citizenship Report 2015 here.

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