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Madrid hospital is running low on your catheters. A new shipment must get there by Friday or the hospital will be forced to use your competitor’s product.  
A physician, his patient and the patient’s family wait anxiously for the results of a complex biopsy.
You found a new distributor in the sub-continent with a broad customer base, only you’re not familiar with the regulation and you’ve never shipped to India before.
The scenarios may differ but the reality is the same; serving customers around the globe requires extensive international expertise. From the speed they arrive at the destination country, to the speed they move through customs, medical, surgical and diagnostics products have no waiting room. Customs clearance, import regulations, documentation and classification, tariffs, currency exchange and unfamiliar geography must all be
navigated with speed and finesse, because your customers don’t judge you by the obstacles you face, only by the results you deliver.  To manage all that and stay focused on your core business is a big load. Trust FedEx to help take it off your shoulders.
Synchronized ReliabilitySM Prescribed for the healthcare industry.
FedEx Global Supply Chain Services offers makers of healthcare products a portfolio of services to meet the critical demands of time-sensitive delivery, real-time visibility, accurate documentation, and product integrity from shipment origin to final destination. They can be applied with the flexibility and scalability needed to move with changing market conditions.

Diagnostics & Clinical Trial Services
The physician needs a diagnostic confirmation and your study is getting to its critical phase. That means the medical sample has to get to the lab — STAT — with no chance of loss or delay. Who can you trust with that kind of responsibility? FedEx. We don’t take the job lightly. We know that lives can hang in the balance and that you need the timeliness, precision, reliability, visibility, security and accountability of the best-in-class transportation service, and that’s FedEx Express®.
Health Care & Life Sciences International Transportation Services
Take the increased demand for health care and an aging population — and magnify it on a global scale. Those are just a few of the driving forces behind medical, surgical and dental innovations.  With high-value products and strong international competition, speed to market is critical.  So are regulatory compliance, customs clearance and specialized handling. It can be a heavy burden to bear especially when you’re focused on delivering the next breakthrough device.  Fortunately, FedEx is there to lessen the load.
Health Care & Life Sciences International Support Services
Moving procedure tables, dental instruments and ultrasound apparatuses around the world takes more than planes, ships and trucks. It’s information networks, tracking and monitoring programs, documentation and reporting, regulatory compliance — and a host of other information-intensive issues that affect the smooth flow of your goods from origin to destination. How do you track electrocardiographs around the globe? What’s the classification code for a bronchoscope? With FedEx, you can navigate across the complexities of international distribution.
Health Care & Life Sciences International Supply Chain Services
Given the speed to market issues associated with medical, surgical and dental equipment, there is no time for delays in customs clearance. This is an industry where products are highly regulated and controlled, and where proper documentation, accurate labeling and specific commodity description are absolute mandates. FedEx can assist you by negotiating the complexity of your international supply chain — easing customs clearance, consolidating and monitoring shipments and even helping with distribution and service after the sale has been made, ensuring that all the pieces are working in harmony.

FedEx International Priority DirectDistribution®
FedEx International Priority DirectDistribution® is a contractual service that allows the Health Care & Life Sciences industry and their partners to consolidate multiple pieces to multiple recipients in one shipment that clears customs as a single unit, under one international express air waybill. Once it clears, the shipment is electronically deconsolidated into individual packages, ready for FedEx world-class, on-time delivery.
Critical Inventory Logistics Services
Comprehensive, end-to-end solution designed to optimize the management of your critical inventory and service parts distribution and returns process.

Fulfillment Services
Integrated fulfillment services that facilitate inbound and outbound, and reverse logistics.

Returns Management Services
Flexible, multi-channel suite of solutions allowing customers control of the returns process.

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