Summer 2016 Edition

  • Read Access for all the latest global business trends

Read Access for all the latest global business trends

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At FedEx, we believe a connected world is a better world. That’s why Access explores all the latest ideas that are defining and advancing global connectivity — and providing new opportunities for businesses and communities all around the world.

So when you subscribe to Access you can:

  • view a slideshow presentation showing how mobility is reshaping the globe;
  • learn all about a decade of extraordinary technological innovations and ideas that have radically changed – and continue to change - the way we do business;
  • read a fascinating Facebook study “ How Connected is our World? “
  • get in on a conversation with Google’s President of Americas Operations, Margo Georgiadis, who discusses mobile “micro-moments” and how companies can respond to the high-speed climb of mobile device usage;
  • Visit Dubai, a city-state built on global commerce and connections, to get the backstory on its magnificent rise and preview exciting developments now underway;
  • see how advances in mobility are improving education, healthcare and sustainability all around the world.

Access is entirely free, so Go to the Access website to learn more, and Get Access delivered to your door or inbox right away.

Access – the best in innovation and ideas for a connected world.

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