Printable Version Take Advantage of FedEx Tips for Packing, Care and Delivery of Your Seasonal Packages

Our shipping experts are pleased to provide you with a quick checklist of advice and solutions to help you ship faster, smarter and greener this holiday season. Just use the following easy packing and shipping tips to have a trouble-free time during the coming Christmas and New Year period.

For more details and advice, you can also visit the Pack like a Pro section on or watch the pack a pro video.



Always source the right packing materials and use them correctly

  • Use sturdy boxes with intact flaps
  • Use double-walled cartons for heavier items
  • Never exceed the stated weight specifications for your cartons
  • Ensure that your cartons are large enough to put adequate padding around their contents
  • Always position your item in the centre of the carton and surround it by cushioning material such as bubble wrap, packing “peanuts,” densely packed shredded paper or foam pads
  • Use enough packing material – ideally one inch on all sides – to ensure that the item cannot shift during transit
  • Use tape specifically designed for packing, not duct or masking tape
  • Use the “H Tape” method to securely close all of the carton flaps
  • Never secure an outer carton or box with paper or string, as these can get caught in automated processing equipment

Enter complete details on labels and position them correctly

  • Always position the consignee address label squarely on the largest surface
  • Provide complete sender and recipient addresses, including phone numbers and full post codes
  • Include inside each carton or box the address and contact details of the recipient as well as yours.

Use FedEx online shipping tools to save time and avoid errors

Make sure you use our web-based shipping management systems to benefit from 24/7 visibility, simple and user-friendly entry procedures and many cost-saving efficiencies. Just check out our comprehensive shipping application, FedEx Ship Manager™ at, and its simplified version for occasional shippers, FedEx Ship Manager™ Lite.

Book your shipments early to avoid peak traffic congestion

Just call FedEx Customer Service at 17334448 for information on transit times for your shipments.

You can also log onto to obtain the right shipping options (including rates and transit times) for you to ensure that your seasonal gifts are shipped in time to arrive for the holidays.

Track the progress of your shipment whenever you want to

More than three million package-tracking requests are handled by FedEx on an average day, but even during the busy holiday shipping season - when these figures increase enormously - you can easily and quickly check the delivery status of a package and obtain real time location information 24/7 by clicking on

You can also confirm a package’s status by calling 17334448

Be Environmentally Friendly

Use the following tips when you plan and carry out your packing to minimise the impact of your shipment on the environment:

  • Use the smallest carton possible – so long as you make sure that your item is adequately protected
  • Use two cartons when packing fragile goods, but use an older box for the interior one
  • Use recycled materials whenever possible. Remember that FedEx provides you with envelopes made from 100% recycled content and 10 kg and 25 kg cartons that not only contain a minimum of 70% recycled content but are also recyclable
  • Tape the edges of heavy-duty cartons in addition to securing the special locking tab closure to provide added protection during shipment
  • If you want to re-use an exterior box, ensure that it is in good condition with no holes, tears or corner dents; and also make sure that any old labels are removed to avoid possible misdirection or confusion
  • Consider eco-friendly options such as using shredded paper, bio-degradable packing “peanuts” or lightweight used clothing to protect your package’s contents
  • Use the correct amount of cushioning material and utilise a sturdy corrugated shipping container
  • A simple rule of thumb is to remember that the less your package weighs, the fewer packaging, freight and fuel costs it will consume

Always ship with a company that has strong environmental priorities

By the end of May 2011 we at Fedex had increased our global electric vehicle and hybrid-electric vehicle fleet to 408 vehicles, an increase of nearly 20%.

Our combined eco-friendly fleet has now logged more than 15 million km, as a result of which we have been able to cut our fuel consumption by approximately 276,000 gallons (about 1 million litres) and reduced our CO2 emissions by nearly 2,800 metric tons.

Contact Customer Services at 17334448 for further advice and information on efficient packing strategies and materials.

For more details of FedEx environmentally friendly initiatives click here.

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