Printable Version FedEx Quick and Easy Online Air Waybill System Makes Your Shipping Trouble-Free

At FedEx, we are always looking for ways to make the planning and management of shipping as seamless as possible.  And that’s why we launched our FedEx Ship Manager™ Lite system in February this year to provide real, tangible benefits for those many customers of ours who do not make regular shipments or who are new to online shipping.

Based on detailed discussions with a wide cross-section of customers all over the world, extensive live testing and feedback, we have utilised the skills and experience of our dedicated IT teams to develop FedEx Ship Manager™ Lite, a unique and free shipping tool that is simplicity itself for you and your staff to use.

When you log on to FedEx Ship Manager™ Lite to produce an Air Waybill and organise a shipment, you are simply asked to complete a series of straightforward, logical entries based upon clear, easy-to-understand prompts and questions.  Once you have completed these quick procedures, all you have to do is to confirm your entries.  Press the button to produce your Air Waybill automatically – while having the peace of mind that no information is missing.  And FedEx Ship Manager™ Lite’s automated operating systems then ensure that your pickup, shipping and notification requirements are precisely followed and that your goods are delivered to your consignee safely and on time - just as you and your customer expect.

FedEx Ship Manager™ Lite provides a completely trouble-free service for you, whatever your shipping needs are.  So if you haven’t already tested it for yourself, please try it for your next shipment.

To find out more, click here or else ask Customer Service via live chat or email for any further advice and information you need before you use FedEx Ship Manager™ Lite for the first time.

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