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The Qatari Ministry of Economy & Finance has recently announced several changes to Customs clearance regulations and procedures which are listed below:

  • The Duty and Tax threshold that was previously QRS500 (approximately US$137 or €105) has been removed and all non-document commercial shipments, including samples, are classified as dutiable, regardless of value and will have Duty and Tax assessed and levied.
  • All non-document commercial shipments, including samples, must be legalized at the time of import and require a legalization fee to be paid by the consignee. The legalization fees are based on the shipment value. The minimum Customs fee for the import of shipments to Qatar is QRS250 (approx. US$68 or €52) if shipping documents are not legalized from the Qatari Consulate/Embassy at the origin.
  • As per customs’ regulations, all non-document commercial shipments, including samples, may require a Certificate of Origin (COO) and an original, signed and stamped Commercial Invoice (pro-forma invoices are not acceptable), regardless of the value. In the event that the COO is asked by Customs and not submitted for the clearance, a deposit of 1% of the Customs value with a minimum deposit of QRS500 (approx. US$137) will be levied. This deposit can be refunded once the consignee provides the original COO within 30 days of shipment arrival. Qatari Customs does not accept faxed or scanned documents.
  • All shipments above 100Kg (total shipment weight) will clear through the cargo terminal under cargo clearance procedures where an original Certificate of Origin (COO) and original Commercial Invoice signed, stamped and attested by the Chamber of Commerce is required. The country of manufacture must be engraved/printed on the product itself, stickers are not acceptable. Consignees must hold a valid Qatar CR (Commercial Registration) and import license. Please expect clearance delays and demurrage charges imposed by customs depending on the clearance period.
    Note: In case of violation to any of the above specified requirements, shipment will be returned back to origin, penalties and possible legal action.
  • All personal non-document shipments require a copy of the consignees ID to clear through customs. All commercial non-document shipments will continue to require the consignees import license to clear through customs.

Shipments destined to Qatar Military bases are exempt from these requirements.

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