Printable Version Planned New Barcode Will Significantly Enhance FedEx Customer Service

FedEx is always looking for innovative ways to ensure that the services and information we provide our customers will give them a competitive edge as well as deliver them outstanding service.

Barcodes are essential to FedEx handling processes and sort technologies because they enable our automated systems to make high-speed sort decisions and direct your packages through the FedEx Express network from pick up right through to final delivery, with great accuracy and precision. 

Effective January 2, 2012, we have been introducing a new linear barcode on all FedEx shipping labels.  Please note, though, that the current 32-character barcode layout will still remain in circulation for some time after this date.

The new code will enable us to include more details about each shipment, improve read rates and label legibility, all resulting in significantly improved service reliability.  The most obvious change to the barcode will be that its length will be extended to 34 characters and that the position of the internal tracking number will change.

The particular shipping and receiving procedures of individual companies mean that these changes may not apply to all of our customers.  The following simple checklist will enable you to determine whether your own company will be affected or not:

  1. Do you currently scan the FedEx barcode as part of your normal business procedures?
  2. Is the label you use for your FedEx shipments custom-designed to meet your own special shipping needs or procedures?

If you answer “No” to both of these questions, the new barcode changes will not apply to you.

However, if you answer “Yes” to one or both of these questions, please contact your Customer Technology Specialist/Integrator for further information and assistance.  We also advise you to inform relevant staff in your company who may need to be aware of these changes e.g. your IT, Shipping and Receiving departments.

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