Printable Version New Customs Clearance Procedures Announced for Imports into Qatar

The Qatari Ministry of Economy & Finance has announced the following changes to Customs clearance regulations and procedures:

  1. The previous duty and tax threshold of QRS500 (approx US$137.00) has been removed. All non-document commercial shipments, including consignments of samples, are now classified as dutiable regardless of their value, and will therefore have relevant duty and tax charges levied.
  2. All these shipments require a Certificate of Origin (COO) and an original signed and stamped Commercial Invoice, regardless of the shipment value. Please note that faxed, scanned and other imaged documents are not acceptable to Qatari Customs: all clearing documents submitted to Customs must be originals.
  3. In the event that one or the other of the original COO or original Commercial Invoice is not available at the time of clearance, a deposit of 1% of the Customs value – with a minimum fee set at QRS500 (approx US$137.00) - will be levied. This deposit will be refundable if the consignee can provide the missing originals within 30 days of a shipment’s arrival.
  4. All non-document commercial shipments, including samples, must have been appropriately legalised at the time of importation. Legalisation fees based on shipment values apply, and must be paid by the consignee. In those cases where shipping documents have not been previously legalised by the Qatari Consulate or Embassy in the country of origin, a minimum fee of QRS 250 (approx US$68.00) will be charged.

Please note that shipments destined to Qatari Military bases are all exempt from these new requirements.

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