Printable Version Authorized Economic Operator Status Speeds FedEx Shipments through Security Controls

Following increased risks to aviation and other forms of transport over the last few years, many countries have implemented a “partnership“ or Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) scheme.

This involves close cooperation between customs authorities and compliant businesses based on a mutual understanding of the importance of the new, more stringent security regulations, and exactly how they should be enforced. 

Companies in the EU have been able to apply for AEO certification since January 2008.  This gives them access to simplified customs procedures because AEO-registered companies are regarded as trusted partners by the EU customs authorities.  In particular, they benefit from:

  • Priority treatment for shipments requiring safety and security controls;
  • A significant reduction in the amount of data they need to submit before such controls take
  • Official notifications of any necessary controls prior to shipments arriving at EU border points.

There are real commercial advantages for FedEx customers and their business partners in obtaining AEO status: because certification gained in one EU state is automatically recognised by all the other member states of the community, it significantly eases and speeds the clearing and forwarding of goods. 

In addition, there are already mutual recognition programmes in place between the EU and  Switzerland, Norway, Japan, and Andorra, and similar agreements are in the process of being negotiated with other countries including  the US (with implementation due in June 2012), China and Canada.  The AEO scheme and its equivalents will ultimately become global and a virtually mandatory requirement for those involved in international trade.

We at FedEx have been obtaining AEO status in as many EU member states as possible since the scheme started.  We currently hold relevant certificates in 20 out of the 27 countries concerned (including all the larger economies such as Germany, France and Great Britain), and are actively seeking AEO status in the remaining seven countries. 

Full details of all valid certificate-holders who have given their permission for the publication of their AEO status can be found on 

For further details contact Customer Service on 17334448.

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