FedEx Launches Priority Alert™ & Priority Alert Plus™ Services for Your High-Value, Time-Sensitive & Cold-Chain Shipments

FedEx launches Priority Alert™ & Priority Alert Plus™ Services for your High-Value, Time-Sensitive & Cold-Chain Shipments

  • Do you ship time- and temperature-sensitive Health Care products all over the world?
  • How can you ensure that your high-tech electronics, aerospace and industrial equipment arrives on time and in good condition?
  • Do your customers need to receive urgent and confidential financial papers on time, every time, for their Board meetings?  

FedEx Priority Alert™ is a specialised contract-based service designed to meet the needs of industries that require a high degree of shipping visibility and delivery compliance at every stage of their shipments.

FedEx Priority Alert Plus™ adds Cold Chain support to FedEx Priority Alert™.

The FedEx Priority Alert™ features are:

  1. Priority Boarding on our aircraft.
  2. Dedicated monitoring and management of your shipments by a specialized FedEx agent.
  3. Pro-active notification in case of any issues during transit.
  4. Intervention capabilities, including expedite procedures if necessary, to keep your shipment moving.
  5. Priority Alert Plus™ service additionally provides re-icing, gel-pack replenishments and cold storage capabilities.

For more information about FedEx Priority Alert™ and FedEx Priority Alert Plus™, including coverage and service availability, go to or to our Customer Service page