FedEx Delivery Manager Lets Your Customers in the US Manage Their Own Home Deliveries


FedEx Delivery Manager Lets Your Customers in the US Manage Their Own Home Deliveries

When your customers in the US decide to use our FedEx Delivery Managersm system they benefit from personalised options that let them choose exactly how and when their packages are delivered to their homes.

Amongst many delivery options - all designed to provide them with maximum service satisfaction – your US customers can:

  • Authorise FedEx to deliver packages even if they are not at home to receive them;
  • Provide particular delivery instructions such as “ Leave at front door “;
  • Ask for the delivery to be held at a FedEx location;
  • Request the package to be held by FedEx during holiday periods;
  • Receive proactive delivery status updates by text, email or phone.

Greater tracking visibility keeps your customers satisfied

With FedEx Delivery Managersm your customers in the US can track the delivery status of their packages whenever they want, at every step of the way.

It’s a win-win solution, because as they have complete control over the progress of their orders, they don’t need to contact you for shipping reports. Not only are you relieved of handling delivery queries, you build customer loyalty and satisfaction - and increased business all round.

So please inform your customers in the US about the benefits of FedEx Delivery Managersm and encourage them to use this great tool. To help you spread the word you can:

  • Explore and download (at no cost to you) creative materials at 
  • Use these creative materials to produce personalised documents, materials and mailshots to send with your shipments, add to your website and order confirmation screens, and include in emails to your customers in the US;
  • Remind our customers in the US that anyone who receives FedEx deliveries to their homes in the US can sign up for FedEx Delivery Managersm at any time. All they have to do is go to to sign up – free of charge - and begin customising their home deliveries right away.