Use FedEx Electronic Trade Documents For Speedy, Simple, Cost-Effective Shipping

Use FedEx Electronic Trade Documents For Speedy, Simple, Cost-Effective Shipping

FedEx Electronic Trade Documents (ETD) really helps you concentrate on what you want to do – devoting your time to growing your business rather than being drawn in by paperwork and manual procedures and records. By providing you with a fully automated shipping planning, management and tracking service, it eliminates hard copy records and filing. In fewer words it saves you time and cuts your costs.

Just check these key benefits:


  • Choose to upload FedEx generated documents or use your own trade documents in a wide variety of formats;
  • Fully customise your documents with your own letterhead and signature image;
  • Upload customs and other documents to speed and simplify all your international shipments.

Peace of mind

  • Forget about the risk of lost, missing or damaged trade documents;
  • Provide uploaded documents to your brokers faster to let them facilitate pre-clearance procedures and resolve possible customs issues before they arise;
  • Reduce potential caged rates because your consignees and their agents can review customs documents really early;
  • Avoid the risk of documents being allocated to the wrong shipment when you prepare your consignments for pickup.

Saving time and money

  • Eliminate the manual signing, folding, stuffing and attaching customs documents to each shipment;
  • Be green – the electronic submission of documents saves paper, trees, energy and printing costs, so you lower your carbon footprint.


Convinced? Then why not start using FedEx ETD right now – just click here to get the list of countries where you can use ETD, and here to get more information or view a demo.