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Your company has a contract to manufacture critical electronic components and your customer requires you to ship them worldwide. The contract also contains a penalty clause for any late delivery.

InOsaka , an airline’s maintenance depot needs one of your aircraft turbine engines early next week to replace the one they’re about to overhaul.

One of your customers just opened a branch in Seoul and wants you to supply them with parts for the control panel. Only you’re not familiar with the regulations and you’ve never shipped to Korea before.

The scenarios may differ but the reality is the same: Moving aerospace and aviation equipment and electronic goods quickly and reliably around the globe requires extensive international expertise and with profit margins slim, costs and competition increasing, and both customers and manufacturers pressuring you to add more value to your services, there is no room for mistakes.   Air and ground shipping, customs clearance, import and export regulations, documentation and classification, tariffs, and currency exchange — they must all be expertly navigated. Because you’re not judged by the obstacles you face, only by the results you deliver.

Synchronized ReliabilitySM to deliver a super sonic supply chain.
FedEx Express and FedEx Global Supply Chain Services offers a portfolio of services to meet the critical demands of shortened manufacturing cycles, faster cash-to-cash cycles, transportation, warehousing, and on-time delivery. And we can apply them with the flexibility and scalability you need to move with changing market conditions. From time-definite delivery to fluid returns management, we have the expertise and the resources to accelerate and automate your supply chain.

International Transportation Services
These days, distributors of aerospace and aviation parts, equipment and electronics are getting squeezed from both sides. Costs and competition are increasing, especially as customers use fewer suppliers and demand more for less from the ones they keep. You need to find new ways to add value to the supply chain and differentiate yourself from your competitors. FedEx can help, by giving you the tools to move anything from servo valves to lie-flat seats through customs and on to their destination.

International Support Services
There’s more to international shipping than transportation. Effectively moving global positioning system receivers, heat exchangers and axle jacks around the world takes information — tracking and monitoring programs, documentation and reporting, regulatory compliance and networks to tie them all together. How do you track a shipment of electrical fasteners? What’s the classification code for an OHC fuel nozzle? FedEx will give you the tools you need to keep your international distribution on course.

International Supply Chain Services
Given the importance of your customer relationships, you don’t want any hold-ups like customs clearance. Yet shipments can be delayed for something as minor as an inaccurate Harmonized System (HS) code. FedEx can help you avoid such obstacles by facilitating customs clearance, consolidating and monitoring shipments, and providing special handling — to keep your supply chain running smoothly.

Transportation Management Services
Optimized management of domestic and international shipments for all modes of transportation.

FedEx International Priority DirectDistribution®

FedEx International Priority DirectDistribution® is a contractual service that allows the Aerospace & Aviation industry and their partners to consolidate multiple pieces to multiple recipients in one shipment that clears customs as a single unit, under one international express air waybill. Once it clears, the shipment is electronically deconsolidated into individual packages, ready for FedEx world-class, on-time delivery.

Critical Inventory Logistics Services
Comprehensive, end-to-end solution designed to optimize the management of your critical inventory and service parts distribution and returns process.

Fulfillment Services 
Integrated fulfillment services that facilitate inbound and outbound, and reverse logistics.

Returns Management Services
Flexible, multi-channel suite of solutions allowing customers control of the returns process.

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