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5am. The twilight hours where greatness is born. Just like our commitment to being world class, we know that achieving sporting success takes incredible focus and dedication. We understand the sort of preparation and effort that goes into delivering a truly brilliant performance, time after time, because we do it every day for businesses globally.

At FedEx we live to deliver and we have done for almost 40 years. We’re one of the pillars on which a number of internationally renowned sporting bodies rely when serving up world-class sport on a global scale.

It’s this harmony between sport and FedEx that makes us so proud to be Global Sponsors and Official Carriers of the ATP World Tour and Roland Garros, associations that are dedicated to the achievement of excellence.

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Tennis is one of the most popular sports worldwide and as global sponsors and official carriers of the ATP World Tour and Roland Garros, FedEx is delighted to participate in the excitement and passion of tournament tennis.

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