FedEx PowerShip®

Handle Higher Shipping Volumes

This powerful hardware system gives you a full range of shipping functions so you can handle large volumes and automate your entire shipping process. High-volume shippers—such as medium and large shipping departments or mailrooms—can improve efficiency, reduce errors, and eliminate paperwork using a FedEx PowerShip system.

Features and Benefits

Manage shipping proactively and efficiently:

  • International Shipping: Includes dangerous goods and future day.

  • Daily Invoices: Improve cash flow and capture shipping costs faster and with fewer errors by generating invoices daily.

  • Management Reports: Gain greater control over shipping costs and reduce process problems by generating management reports on shipping expenses and activity automatically.

  • Export Data: Enhance your competitive position in the global economy and simplify international paperwork by sending export data to customs officials electronically.

  • Address Book: Save time and effort completing shipping labels to frequent recipients. Just select a recipient from your address book, and the "ship to" information is automatically completed for your convenience.

  • Package Status Tracking: Check the status of shipments and confirm delivery worldwide with access to the real-time package tracking information directly from the FedEx network.

  • International Thermal Air Waybills: Replace multi-ply paperwork on shipments with adhesive FedEx PowerShip shipping labels.


To use FedEx PowerShip you must meet the following requirements:

  • 10 or more FedEx Express international packages per day
  • 1 square meter of free space recommended for standard system
  • Dedicated dial-up telephone line for each system. The line cannot be routed through a PBX or other phone system.
  • Environment that is 50-95 degrees Fahrenheit
  • A/C outlet within 3 feet/90 centimeters of the system with dedicated 20-amp, 3-prong grounded duplex; frequency of 60Hz +/-2Hz; voltage of 110V to 120V
  • FedEx PowerShip does not interface with other computer systems

Getting Started

To find out if you qualify for a FedEx PowerShip system, contact our Customer Service Department.

Technical Support

For Technical support, contact our Customer Service Department.

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