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FedEx Mobile Solutions

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Frequently Asked Questions

What features can I expect from FedEx® Mobile?

Track the status of any package or freight shipment using FedEx® Tracking
Find staffed and self-service FedEx locations
Schedule a pickup for FedEx Express® shipments
Create and email a shipping label
Get account-specific rate quotes

What devices support mobile shipping?

Supported devices for the FedEx® Mobile website: All web-enabled smartphones or tablets.

Supported devices for FedEx Mobile for iPhone® and iPad®: Any iOS device running iOS 8.0 or above. Data plan required. Charges from carrier may apply.

Supported devices for FedEx Mobile for Android™: Any Android device supporting 4.0 operating system or greater.

Why should I register for a FedEx account?

FedEx considers the security of your shipment information a top priority; therefore, registration is required to provide visibility to some account-specific information. After you register, you can ship FedEx Express® packages. You also gain the ability to receive account-specific rate quotes, determine transit times, and schedule a pickup.

What do I need in order to use the FedEx® Mobile website?

Simply go to As long as your smartphone or tablet is enabled for mobile websites, you will be able to view and navigate the FedEx Mobile website.

Can I access FedEx® Mobile internationally?

The FedEx Mobile website is available in 206 countries and 25 languages. For a listing of region-specific countries, go to the FedEx Global home page.

How do I get FedEx® Mobile for my iPhone® and iPad®?

Already in iTunes®? Search for “FedEx Mobile,” or go to “App Store > Business” and locate “FedEx® Mobile.” Choose “Buy App.” Once the app is downloaded to iTunes, simply connect and synchronize your device.

How do I get FedEx® Mobile on my Android™ device?

Already in Google Play™? Simply search “FedEx Mobile” through the Google Play™. Select the FedEx icon and choose “Download.” The app will begin installing on your device.

What additional features do I get by logging in to the FedEx® Mobile website?

By logging in to the FedEx Mobile website, you can:

  • Ship FedEx Express® packages
  • Receive account-specific rate quotes
  • Determine transit times
  • Schedule a pickup
  • Create a Mobile Shipping Label

Go to from your mobile device to get started.

What do I need to log in to the FedEx® Mobile website?

To log in, you need a user ID and password authorized to ship with FedEx. If you are not registered to ship or receive account-specific rates, you can register for a login or create a one-time credit card shipment.

FedEx® Mobile website won’t let me log in. What do I do?

In order to log in to the FedEx Mobile website, you need a user ID and password authorized to ship or receive account-specific rates.

If you already have a login and password, please contact Customer Service for assistance.

What if I forgot my password or user ID?

If you forgot your password or user ID, go to on your desktop computer and select “Forgot your password or ID?”.

Should I be concerned about the security of my account information if I downloaded this mobile shipping application?

FedEx understands the importance of protecting the privacy of customer information. Your shipment information is password-protected, and FedEx does not sell customer information or give it to outside parties unless required by law. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more details.

Is there a way for FedEx® Mobile for iPhone®, iPad®, or Android™ to automatically add my shipments?

Yes, simply sign up for free FedEx® Tracking. If you do not currently have access to FedEx Tracking, you can register at

Once I have installed FedEx® Mobile for iPhone®, iPad®, or Android™ on my mobile device, will I be able to see my shipments?

If you are currently a FedEx® Tracking user, FedEx Mobile will automatically pull shipments that you are authenticated to view and that are currently viewable via FedEx Tracking. If you have more than 30 active shipments, you will only see the 30 most recent shipments.

If you are not a FedEx Tracking user, you may not see all your shipments. However, you will be able to manually add shipments to the application. The FedEx Mobile website, FedEx Mobile for iPhone, and FedEx Mobile for Android will remember your shipments and provide automatic shipment updates until the shipment is delivered.

What does the four-segment bar near the top of each tracking frame represent?

The bar represents the progress of the movement of your shipment.

First Segment — Shipment initiation: FedEx received shipment information from sender.

Second Segment — Pickup: FedEx has possession of shipment.

Third Segment — In transit: Shipment is in transit to its final destination.

Fourth Segment — Delivered: Shipment has been delivered.

What shipments can I monitor using FedEx® Mobile applications?

You can track the status of any FedEx Express shipment as long as you have a valid tracking number.

What number should I call for questions regarding my shipment status?

Please call your local Customer Service for questions regarding your shipment.

The FedEx® Mobile website doesn’t work or look right on my mobile device.

Your mobile device has settings that are usually defaulted for you. If not, you may need to set your style sheets, cookies, HTML tables, and Javascript to "on" or checked. To do so, go to your mobile web browser's "options" screen and make sure these settings are checked. Devices and browsers will vary.