FedEx Ship Manager Software Frequently Asked Questions

What is FedEx Ship Manager Software? 

FedEx Ship Manager Software is the newest release of FedEx Shipping Software. It's a free, self-installable, stand-alone Windows-based shipping software that allows you to ship, dispatch (available in some countries), track, prepare a FedEx air waybill and print it on plain paper using a laser printer and to generate a variety of useful reports. With only a FedEx Account Number users can ship to over 220 countries & territories worldwide.

Is it an "on-line" system?

FedEx Ship Manager Software is not an "on-line" based software. Instead, it's a stand-alone software available from our FedEx website ( for customers to install in their PCs. It connects through a network or local phone line, which connects to FedEx mainframe for tracking and shipping information.

What are the main features of FedEx Ship Manager Software?

FedEx Ship Manager Software streamlines common shipping activities, which allows customers to complete the entire shipping process right from their desktop. FedEx Ship Manager Software offers many advanced features, which include:

  • Shipping: Point and Click technology that allows users to prepare shipment documents quickly and easily. Save option lets users begin a shipment, stop and finish it later. They can also copy and change shipments, reprint paperwork and repeat shipments without retyping any information. With the Error checking function, FedEx Ship Manager Software makes sure the shipment is complete, to avoid delays.

  • Dispatch: With FedEx Ship Manager Software, customers can book a pick-up for their prepared FedEx shipments from their own PC without having to call FedEx Customer Service. (Available in some countries)

  • Tracking: FedEx Ship Manager Software has real-time shipment information. Customers can easily track FedEx shipments to and from their location. Several shipments can be tracked simultaneously.

  • Reports: FedEx Ship Manager Software gives customers an easy and functional tool that allows them to have an overview of their shipping activity without having to look for air waybills. They have the choice of either seeing the reports on the screen, printing them, exporting them or saving them to a file.

  • Databases: FedEx Ship Manager Software includes recipients and commodities databases. This permits shippers to prepare shipments with only a few keystrokes. The information can be changed easily and reports can also be generated.

  • Shipment Overview: This function keeps a current inventory of customer shipments. The user can view, modify and copy shipments. Find, quick-print, and delete shipments. This allows for control over the shipping activity making work easier, faster and more convenient.

  • End of Day: This critical function allows FedEx Ship Manager Software to communicate with the FedEx systems and transmit the shipping information. This function should be executed before the courier arrives to pick-up the packages.

  • Online Help: Use the FedEx Ship Manager Software Online Help tool for assistance in performing specific tasks, to understand the software, and to find out what information to enter in each field.

In what language is it available?

The current version of FedEx Ship Manager Software is available in French, Portuguese, Spanish and English.

How much space will it take in my computer?

It will take 700 Mb of hard disk space.

How is FedEx Ship Manager Software different from previous versions?

FedEx Ship Manager Software versus previous versions:

  • Redesigned screens and simpler on-line help

  • Drop off location option is supported

  • FedEx International Priority Freight' Service - supports 4 service options: Airport-to-Airport, Door-to-Door, Airport-to-Door, and Door-to-Airport service.

  • Broker selection option added

  • User can track packages by air waybill number or reference number

  • Tracking overview shows current status of packages sent. User can also see the routing of package.

  • Documents function enable users to generate reports and certain customs documents required by some countries.

  • Ability to copy and/or edit recipients/commodities

  • Pick-up history where Pick-up number is retained

  • FedEx Ship Manager Software I.D., FedEx Account Number and Station I.D. of the customer available through the "About" box

  • Report print-outs improved with simplified criteria

  • More automated End of Day procedure

  • Automatic processing of shipments older than 1 day

  • In Shipping default screen, user can add their comments for the Commercial Invoice

  • Ability to re-print visa manifests, even after your shipment has been processed

  • Search capability in fields such as customer name, commodity, account, etc.

  • Advanced configurations: Multi-sender, multi-printer capability

What do I need to start using FedEx Ship Manager Software now?

If you have Windows 2000/NT/XP/Windows Vista:

  • PC Pentium -550MHZ (or higher)

  • 256Mb RAM

  • 800 x 600 screen resolution

  • At least 700Mb disk space

  • Modem connected on a COM port

  • Laser compatible printer

  • Internet connection, using Dial-Up or LAN

How can I get FedEx Ship Manager Software?

Any FedEx customer can request FedEx Ship Manager Software at any time. The software can be downloaded from website ( They can also call the Customer Technology Help Desk.

Who should upgrade to FedEx Ship Manager Software?

All current FedEx World Pro Software customers with version 6.70 or later must upgrade their current software version.

What if I don't understand how to use the Features?

To learn more about how to use the different features available in FedEx Ship Manager Software such as: how to prepare a shipment, track packages, generate a report or create databases, you can access the "Online Help Tool" in the software or the electronic "User Guide" on the FedEx website. For technical assistance, any customer can contact the Customer Technology Help Desk number found at

Where can I get help?

You can always contact the Customer Technology Help Desk or