FedEx Ship Manager Lite

  • FedEx Ship Manager Lite

Convenient and Easy Shipping
FedEx Ship Manager Lite

Our new online tool is dog-gone easy – making paper air waybills a thing of the past!*

Use it with or without a FedEx account. Just fetch your credit card and get started.

  1. Fill-out shipping info via user-friendly screens in 4 easy steps.
  2. Supply a valid credit card number or FedEx account.
  3. Ship from your desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

It’s not light on benefits.

Quick and simple:

  • No need to create a user ID or login.
  • Prepare a single piece shipment in just a few steps.
  • Pay with a credit card or a FedEx account.
  • Intuitive step-by-step screens provide pro-active help.

Saves time:

  • Quickly get rates and other key shipment details (date, time, service).
  • Email copies of all your shipping labels and international shipment Commercial Invoices.

* FedEx Ship Manager Lite does have shipping limitations, which include no Dangerous Goods/Hazmat shipping, multiple-piece shipping, freight shipping, shipments requiring a B13A export declaration, items subject to be shipped with an export license, when Terms of Sale or Importer of Record need to be changed, packages over 150 lbs./68 kgs, and items subject to International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). For these advanced features, use FedEx Ship Manager at