Printable Version FedEx Next Flight Air Waybill™

The FedEx Next Flight Air Waybill is only available when you book and confirm a domestic FedEx Next Flight™ or FedEx International Next Flight™ shipment in advance.

A courier will bring the FedEx Next Flight Air Waybill to your location at pickup, and assist you with its completion. Please have the following information handy to complete the FedEx Next Flight Air Waybill:

  • Your contact information including a telephone number.
  • Destination address and contact information.
  • Total number of packages.
  • Total weight of packages.
  • Dimensions of each package.
  • Total declared value for carriage.
  • For international shipments only: commodity descriptions, harmonized system codes, country of origin and value for customs for each commodity being shipped.

International Customs Documents
When you ship to destinations outside Canada, visit International Tools to access commonly used customs forms.