Benefits of Participation on the Air Cargo Security Initiative for Registered Shippers

Transport Canada is making significant progress with components of the Air Cargo Security (ACS) Initiative; which is a program designed to efficiently and effectively indentify high-risk air cargo and improve security throughout the supply chain. 

On June 2, 2008, Canada officially launched the Regulated Agent (RA) Program and the Secure Supply Chain Management System (SSCMS), which acts as a centralized point for relevant security information from companies participating in the ASC Initiative. The SSCMS will enable the transport industry to validate the authenticity of registered air cargo supply chain companies and will provide Freight Forwarders and Air Carriers the ability to submit their shipper data to be included in the national list of Registered Shippers.

Air cargo originating from shippers registered in the SSCMS, and handled by participating Regulated Agents and Air Carriers that make up the air cargo secure supply chain in Canada, will be subject to fewer domestic and international delays caused by the need to apply additional security procedures to higher risk cargo handled outside of the secure supply chain.

Please note that as of June 2, 2008, air carriers may apply one or more of the following options due to changes in security requirements:

  • Refuse carriage of cargo on passenger aircrafts from companies not participating in the SSCMS program and may treat cargo as originating from an unknown origin, in accordance with Canadian and international security requirements;
  • Charge additional fees for applying enhanced security measures (including screening) to cargo from companies not participating in the ACS Initiative.

Transport Canada encourages shippers to participate to be recognized as a registered shipper in the Air Cargo Security Initiative. To do so, please contact your air carrier or freight forwarder.

Participating air carriers and freight forwarders will appear as Regulated Agents when querying the SSCMS database

It is recommended that you regularly verify the SSCMS for participating companies.

For more information, please contact Transport Canada.