Access the power of FedEx on your iPhone and iPad

iPhone and iPad FedEx Mobile for iPhone and iPad provides you with access to advanced tracking functionality that automatically keeps you updated on the status of your shipments.

Simply input your FedEx tracking number, and you can quickly retrieve the status of your shipment. Shipments that you've sent using FedEx Ship Manager™ at or tracked with FedEx InSight® can be viewed automatically and managed via your Apple® iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. We'll even let you know if select delivery exceptions have occurred.

You will need a user ID and password to take full advantage of this application. If you don’t have a user ID, sign up now .

To download FedEx Mobile for iPhone or iPad, simply search for "FedEx Mobile" through the AppStore icon on your iPhone or iPad, and follow the prompts on your mobile browser screen.



We tie all of your shipment information together behind the scenes for you. Any FedEx Express®, FedEx Ground® or FedEx Freight® shipment processed through your account or checked with FedEx InSight or FedEx Desktop automatically shows up on your iPhone. Keep tabs on any shipments that weren't shipped from your account, by manually entering your shipment’s tracking number. Once it has been added, we'll keep you updated on its status.

All List
Any shipment made through your account, whether it's an envelope, package or freight, is automatically added to this list. Shipments are categorized by expected delivery date, so you can quickly determine how many shipments are expected two days from now, as well as how many shipments were delivered two weeks ago.

Exception List
We’ll automatically populate a list of select exceptions for you. An up-to-date count of exceptions is always available, so you'll know almost immediately when a select exception has occurred.

Watch List
You decide which shipments you want to keep an eye on. You can tag any shipment and it will be added to this list.

Nicknames and Notes
You no longer need to remember a tracking number. Once a shipment has been added, you can give it a nickname that is easy to remember for you. You can also add detailed notes to any shipment.

Shipment Details
We want you to know as much about your package as possible, quickly and easily. A graphical status indicator, origin, destination, route details, expected delivery date, nicknames and notes are available for any shipment.

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