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New enhancements were added recently to fedex.ca to improve your FedEx online experience. Click on the links below to learn more.


Return Shipping with FedEx Web Services Integration Wizard

Regardless of whether you're a small-business owner, or midsize- to large-business owner, FedEx Web Services Integration Wizard helps you integrate shipping, tracking, rating, and more into your website — without needing a dedicated developer resource.

In addition to accessing Fedex rates, tracking information, and processing outbound shipping, Return Shipping is now available to generate return shipping labels.

Return shipping is just a few clicks away. To add the new return shipping application on FedEx Web Services:

  • Go to www.fedex.com/wizard
  • Click on "Get started with FedEx Web Integration Wizard"
  • Log in using a fedex.ca user ID
  • Once logged in, click on "Click Here" near the bottom of the page to launch the wizard.
  • From the main Wizard screen, click on the "Return Shipping" tab and follow the steps to customize and generate

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New order ranges for FedEx Supplies Online

Order FedEx supplies quickly and conveniently by using FedEx Supplies Online. You can order FedEx Express® shipping boxes and envelopes, electronic shipping labels and other packaging supplies.

To meet your shipping needs, a larger quantity of FedEx supplies now can be requested in one order.


Supply New Range Order
FedEx® Expanded Service International Air Waybill (wrap version) 500-5000
FedEx® Intra-Canada Air Waybill 50-4950
FedEx® International Air Waybill (wrap version) 25-500
FedEx® Large Box 10-990
FedEx® Tube 10-990
FedEx® Medium Box 10-990
FedEx® Small Box 10-990
FedEx® Envelope (with built-in pouch) 25-2475
Legal Size Reusable FedEx® Envelope 50-4950
FedEx® Envelope (without pouch) 200-19800
FedEx® Pak 25-1000
FedEx® Padded Pak 25-2475
FedEx® Clinical Pak 100-9900
FedEx® UN 3373 Pak 100-1000
FedEx® Pak made from polyethylene 50-4950

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