Oversize Prints

We offer everything from a single oversized copy to a complete package of bid sets — including engineering prints and architectural plans and specifications — to help ensure your firm looks professional while helping you design, bid and build effectively.

Oversize Prints - Engineering Prints and Architectural Plans

FedEx can help you do it all, including:

  • Produce oversized copies and digital prints at 600 DPI print quality
  • Scan to digital file in black & white or high-resolution colour*
  • Submit files in PDF and DWF digital formats for printing
  • Make enlargements and reductions
  • Mount or laminate your work
  • Send your digital files to any FedEx Office location, and then pick up your prints
  • Pick up your finished signs, banners or posters or have them delivered nearly anywhere via FedEx Express® or FedEx Ground® shipping services

There are two simple, convenient ways to do it.

1.     Do it yourself with our easy-to-use self-service machines.

2.     Drop off your hard-copy documents or digital files and a team member will take care of them for you.

*Colour scan-to-file available at most locations.