Hold at FedEx Location (HAL)

If you need your FedEx Express® shipment earlier than the scheduled delivery time, or won't be available to receive a delivery, then this is the option for you. We’ll put the shipment on hold at the location (HAL) that you specify.

You can pick up your shipment when it suits you, by requesting that it be held for pickup at the destination FedEx World Service Centre™.* This service is available at no extra charge.

The sender must select "Hold at FedEx Location" on the shipment documentation and enter the address of the FedEx location where the package is to be held. If you include the recipient’s telephone number, we’ll try and contact the recipient after the package has arrived at our facility. For FedEx location addresses and hours, check our drop-off locator. The FedEx location must not be used as the recipient’s address.

Please note that if the shipment is not picked up by the recipient within five business days at the destination station, it will be considered undeliverable.

Hold at FedEx Location (HAL) is not available for FedEx International First® and FedEx First Overnight® shipments. The service is also not available for Dangerous Goods shipments at many Canadian, European, Japanese or U.S. FedEx offices.

Use Hold at FedEx Location Service with:

For more details, see the FedEx Service Guide.

*Internationally, this service is only available at select locations; please call FedEx Customer Service at 1.800.GoFedEx 1.800.463.3339 for details.