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3 April, 2000

FedEx EuroOneTM Network connects 40,000 European postcodes

(Brussels, April 3, 2000) Federal Express Corp. (FedEx), the world's largest express transportation company, has expanded its FedEx EuroOneTM Network that provides next day service with late collections and early deliveries. The introduction of three new intra-European flights mean that the FedEx EuroOne Network - initially launched in September 1999 to customers in major European business centres - will now be available in hundreds of key European cities, covering 40,000 postcodes.

"The opening of our new European hub at Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport in September 1999, enabled us to simultaneously launch the FedEx EuroOne Network offering next business day services with later pick-ups and earlier delivery times between the key European markets. The response from customers has been extremely positive and due to customer demand for additional FedEx EuroOne connections we are now pleased to be able to connect thousands of additional customers to the FedEx EuroOne Network." said Robert W. Elliott, president of FedEx for the Europe, Middle East and Africa region.

"The three new flights - 2 Fokker 27s and 1 Short 360 - will noticeably improve FedEx EuroOne service levels and will connect Austria to the FedEx EuroOne Network. Customers shipping to and from France, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Scotland, Germany, and the Netherlands will benefit most from the service enhancements", he added (see fact sheet).

With annual revenues exceeding $17 billion, FedEx Corp. is the premier global provider of transportation, logistics, e-commerce and supply chain management services. The company offers integrated business solutions through a network of subsidiaries operating independently, including: FedEx Express, the world's largest express transportation company; FedEx Ground, North America's second largest provider of small package ground delivery service; FedEx Custom Critical, the world's largest provider of expedited time-critical shipments; FedEx Global Logistics, an integrated logistics, technology and transportation-solution company; and Viking Freight, a less-than-truckload carrier operating principally in the western United States. More than a million customers are connected electronically through the FedEx information network and approximately two-thirds of its U.S. domestic transactions are now handled on-line.

For further information please contact:

Becky Whiley
Tel: 0171 465 7006

FedEx EuroOneTM Fact Sheet

September 1999:

Original business centres linked via the FedEx EuroOneTM Network were:

FranceParis, Strasbourg, Lille, Nantes, Lyon, Nice, Metz
GermanyMunich, Berlin, Stuttgart, Dortmund, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne, Mannheim, Nuremberg
UKLondon, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol
ItalyMilan, Rome, Florence
NetherlandsRotterdam, Amsterdam, Eindhoven
BelgiumBrussels, Ghent
SpainBarcelona, Madrid

Destination cities included all of the above, plus Basle, Zurich, Geneva and Lugano, Switzerland, as well as Valencia and Bilbao in Spain.

From April 2000:

Three new flights will be introduced and will be routed as follows:

  • Paris-Cologne-Stuttgart-Cologne-Paris
  • Paris-Toulouse-Barcelona-Paris
  • Paris-Basle-Venice-Basle-Paris

These flights play a major role in expanding FedEx EuroOne coverage to hundreds of key European cities.

From April 2000 new customer benefits will include:

Central Europe

Germany - The new flight routed Paris-Cologne-Stuttgart-Cologne-Paris will improve cut-off and delivery commitments in the Stuttgart area. The Hanover area will also benefit from service improvements.

Austria - The extension of the Paris-Munich flight, which adds a stop in Vienna, will link Austria to the FedEx EuroOne Network, benefiting customers in Vienna, Wiener Neudorf and the surrounding areas.

Southern Europe

Switzerland - Customers in Switzerland will benefit from outbound coverage for documents and low value shipments via the new Paris-Basle-Venice-Basle-Paris flight. Geneva, Winterthur, Fribourg, Biel, Baden, Zug, Lausanne, Neuchatel, Bern, Basle, Lucerne, Aarau, Zurich, St Gallen, Lugano and the surrounding areas will also be connected both inbound and outbound to the FedEx EuroOne Network.

Italy - The FedEx EuroOne coverage in Northern Italy will be extended through the Paris-Basle-Venice-Basle-Paris flight. New areas will include Treviso, Verona, Padova, Vicenza and Venice, where a new FedEx World Service Centre will be located.

France - Large areas of Southern France will now have full inbound and outbound EuroOne service coverage.

The new Paris-Toulouse-Barcelona-Paris route will extend the FedEx EuroOne services to customers in Toulouse, Bordeaux, Moutauban, Auch, Tarbes, Carcasonne and the surrounding areas.

The Paris-Lyon-Nice-Lyon-Paris flight will now connect Mende, Saint-Etienne, Chambery, Annecy, Bourg-en-Bresse and Valence as both FedEx EuroOne origins and destinations.

Spain - Outbound weight restrictions from Barcelona have increased from 32kg to 68kg due to the Paris-Toulouse-Barcelona-Paris flight. Customers can now order pickups in downtown Barcelona until 7pm. FedEx EuroOne coverage in the Madrid and Barcelona metropolitan areas has also been extended.

Northern Europe

UK & Ireland - The Paris-Manchester-Glasgow-Birmingham-Paris flight will improve services for customers in Scotland. Due to increased volumes on the UK/Ireland route, FedEx is upgrading the Short 360 plane flying the Paris-London-Dublin-London-Paris route to a Fokker 27.

Netherlands - The Paris-Rotterdam-Amsterdam-Paris flight will connect Rotterdam airport, improving inbound services for customers in the Rotterdam area.

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