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FedEx Corporate Social Responsibility in China

Recipient of Best Corporate Citizen Behavior Award 2005;

China - 23 gennaio 2006 -


Heart to Heart

April 1997 – Supported organization’s first delivery to China of US$6 million worth of medical aid and relief supplies to Chengdu in Sichuan province

April 1998 – Delivered 25 tons of medicines and relief supplies to Chongqing

Hong Kong Red Cross

June 2003 – Airlifted medical supplies to seven locations in mainland China to assist the Chinese Government in its efforts to fight SARS

July 2004 – Delivered over US$65,000 worth of flood relief supplies to Guangxi province


International Children’s Heart Foundation

October 2002 – Contributed US$15,000 to program to operate on 50 poor Chinese children with serious heart problems.

ORBIS International

September 2004 – Sponsored two-week Glaucoma Awareness Program in Shenyang in cooperation with the Shenyang Heshi Eye Hospital


International Leadership Program – China

May 2003 – Donated US$65,000 to the Ministry of Commerce to support an education program to provide international management training to senior officials within the Chinese government.

Safe Kids Worldwide

March 2004 –Launched the newest community program in Shanghai, Safe Kids Walk This Way, to highlight pedestrian safety issues

September 2004 – Launched a special project in Shanghai to promote road safety among young cyclists

December 2004 – With FedEx employee volunteers, set up in-school road safety education and walkability check program in Shanghai

April 2005 – Launched the Safe Kids Walk This Way Day - an education and intervention program in Beijing


John F. Kennedy Center

January 1999 – Sponsored the National Symphony Orchestra of the John F. Kennedy Center in their first Performing Arts tour in Asia

Special Olympics

May 2000 – Donated US$61,000 to the Special Olympics Millennium March 2000

Dance Theatre of Harlem

November 2000 – Covered transportation of sets, props, and costumes to and from the U.S.

Panda Express

Delivered two giant pandas from China to:

December 2000 – Smithsonian Institution’s National Zoological Park in Washington, DC

April 2003 – Memphis Zoo, in Tennessee, U.S.

China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT)

December 2001 – Transported 1,500 specially created souvenirs commemorating China’s historic entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO)

Shanghai Arts Festival

November 2002 – Donated US$35,000 to support organization’s activities


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