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FedEx Trademarks
United States

Common Service Marks

1 · 800 · Go · FedEx®
1 · 888 · FedEx · 88®
1 · 888 · Go · FedEx®
Design of ArrowsSM
Design of House with ArrowSM
Design of Men Holding BlocksSM
Design of PuppySM
Electronic Signature ServiceSM
Express RecallSM
Express Saver®
Express Freighter®
Extreme ServiceSM
Federal Express®
Federal Express Logo®
FedExSM (Stylized)
FedExSM (Stylized in Color)
FedEx® Express Freight
     FedEx 1DaySM
     FedEx 1DaySM Freight
     FedEx 2Day®
     FedEx 2Day Freight®
     FedEx 3DaySM
     FedEx 3DaySM Freight
FedEx® Charters 
FedEx AsiaOne®
FedEx AsiaOne® (& design)
FedEx Association Advantage®
FedEx Authorized ShipCenter®
FedEx® Aviation Services
FedEx® Billing Online
FedEx Business Bonus®
FedEx Championship Series®
FedEx Championship Series/Cart (& design)®
FedEx® Collect On Delivery
FedEx Collection®
FedEx Commerce ServerTM 
FedEx Custom CriticalSM
FedEx Custom CriticalSM  (Stylized)
FedEx Custom CriticalSM  (Stylized in Color)
FedEx Customer Resource Center®
FedEx DirectLink®
FedEx® Drop Box
FedEx E-LabelTM
FedEx EDI Invoice®
FedEx EDI Priority Track®
FedEx ExpressSM (Stylized)
FedEx ExpressSM (Stylized in Color)
FedEx® Expanded Service International Air Waybill
FedEx ExpressClearSM
FedEx Express Distribution Center®
FedEx Express Distribution Depot®
FedEx Express Distribution SolutionsSM
FedEx Express Saver®
FedEx ExpressTag®
FedEx Extra Hours SM
FedEx Fast Facts®
FedEx Fast FreightSM
FedEx FieldTM 
FedEx Financial Document Option®
FedEx First Overnight®
FedEx Flying Tigers®Animal Transport
FedEx FullView®
FedEx Global®
FedEx Global Developer®
FedEx Global Document®
FedEx® Global Logistics (Stylized)
FedEx Global Trade ManagerSM
FedEx® Government Overnight
FedEx® Ground (Stylized)
FedEx® Ground (Stylized in Color)
FedEx® Home Delivery (Stylized)
FedEx® Home Delivery (Stylized in Color)
FedEx® Home Delivery (Stylized & Design)
FedEx® Home Delivery (Stylized & Design in Color)
FedEx Hot Ticket®
FedEx InsightSM
FedEx International Airport-To-AirportSM
FedEx International Broker Select®
FedEx International Distribution SolutionsSM
FedEx International Document Assistance®
FedEx International Economy®
FedEx International Economy®Freight
FedEx International Express Freight®
FedEx International First®
FedEx International MailService®
FedEx® International Next Flight 
FedEx International Priority®
FedEx International Priority DirectDistribution®
FedEx International Priority® Freight
FedEx International Priority Plus®
FedEx Ship Manager at®
FedEx intraNetShip® 
FedEx® Invoice OnLine
FedEx MaestroSM
FedEx Marketing Alliance Program®
FedEx Net®
FedEx On-Line®
FedEx OneCallSM
FedEx Orange Bowl® (& design)
FedEx Orchestrated Delivery ManagementTM
FedEx PerformanceScanTM 
FedEx PowerPartner®
FedEx® PowerShip
FedEx PowerShip 2®
FedEx PowerShip 3®
FedEx PowerShip PassPort®
FedEx PowerShip Plus®
FedEx PowerShip Plus® Server
FedEx PowerSource®
FedEx PowerSupply®
FedEx PriorityAlertSM
FedEx Priority Overnight®
FedEx Returns Manager®
FedEx Returns Manager® API
FedEx SameDay®
FedEx® Service (Stylized)
FedEx ShipAlertSM (Note: ShipAlert is "one" word)
FedEx Ship and Get DepotSM
FedEx Ship Manager®
FedEx Ship Manager®  Workstation
FedEx Ship Manager® API
FedEx Ship ManagerTM Software
FedEx Ship Manager Office StationTM 
FedEx Ship ManagerTM for SAP R/3
FedEx ShipSite®
FedEx ShipSmartTM 
FedEx ShipSource®
FedEx Spotlight Program®
FedEx St. Jude Classic® (& design)
FedEx Standard Overnight®
FedEx Station OneSM
FedEx® Sunday delivery
FedEx® Supply Chain Service (Stylized)
FedEx TrackAPI®
FedEx Tracking®
FedEx USA Airbill®
FedEx World®
FedEx World Service Center®
FedEx X-BoxTM 
FedEx/Federal Express logo®
Magic WindowTM
Next Day Neighbor Island Service®
Priority Overnight®
Shipping SavvySM
Standard Overnight®
Tower Global XpressSM
Tower Group International®
X and design®


United States


Absolutely, Positively The Best In The Business® 
Absolutely Positively® 
Absolutely Positively International® 
Absolutely Positively Overnight® 
Absolutely, Positively Simple® 
Be absolutely sure® 
Celebrating American BusinessSM
Consider It Delivered® 
Creating Value Through Innovation® 
FedEx, First Thing In The Morning® 
It's The Way The World Works® 
Relax. We've Got You Covered This Holiday Season® 
Taking Care Of Shipping® 
The More You Ship, The More You Save® 
The Way AheadSM 
The Way The World Works® 
The World On Time®  
Unleashing The Power of a Global BrandSM 
When it Absolutely, Positively Has To Be There Overnight®