Working at FedEx

  • Working at FedEx

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The Right People

FedEx is constantly on the look-out for talented people who share the basic qualities of honesty, enthusiasm, creativity and respect for co-workers and customers.

As a global company, FedEx embodies a culture that respects diversity and strives to develop all its employees to their fullest potential. Management understands that FedEx will only continue to be successful with fully dedicated employees. This is core to our philosophy of People-Service-Profit.

Growing with FedEx

FedEx puts its people first because employees are our most important asset through which we can achieve our business goals. FedEx has led the industry in creating employee-focused programs to promote positive internal communications and staff development. Every employee has pledged to make every FedEx experience outstanding and has an opportunity to grow with FedEx. Key programs offered to employees are…

  • Promotion From Within Policy is designed to support employee career development within the company by giving employees priority in application, consideration and selection for any open positions. This policy aligns with the company’s P-S-P principle.

  • Open Door Process provides employees with direct access to management to share input, comments and feedback for further consideration.

  • Guaranteed Fair Treatment Procedure ensures any employee grievances are dealt with fairly and objectively.

  • Survey-Feedback-Action gives employees an opportunity to offer feedback on the effectiveness of management.

  • APAC e-Learning enables employees to learn in their own time from any location for job enhancement or personal development.

  • Tuition Assistance Program financially subsidizes eligible employees in their pursuit of additional higher formal education to enhance career advancement opportunities in FedEx.

  • AiM (Advance into Management) Program provides employees with opportunities for development and growth into management positions through a structured process focusing on leadership/ management concepts and skills.