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 Date:  10/05/2003 COMMERCIAL INVOICEPage 1 of       1        
Company Name:

Cia. Manufacturera Intl.

Invoice #: 006
Reference / Order No.: AA-006BB-8
FedEx Express Air Waybill Number: 40069368891
Ship From Ship To
Name: Marco Mariani Name: R & W Manufacturing / Mr. Jose Martinez
Address: Av. de Libertad 18.563 Piso 2 Address: 117587 Scenic Drive
City/State/Zip: Buenos Aires (1006) Argentina City/State/Zip: Miami, Florida 33555 USA
Phone: 555-555-5555Fax: 555-555-5522
Phone: 111-888-5555Fax: 111-888-5522
Importer Other Than Recipient: Check One:
Name: [  ] CIF
[  ] FOB
[  ] C&F
Country of Export: Argentina
Address: Country of Manufacture: Argentina
City/State/Zip: Country of Destination: USA
Currency: US Dollars
Package Information
 Qty  Unit of
Type of
No. of
Commodity Description  Weight  Total
30 Ea. Box 3 7.50 Parts and accessories for photographic cameras. - 9006.9 harmonized code 75 Lb 225.00
45 Ea. Box 5 10.50 Cameras with through-the-lens viewfinder, for roll film of a width not exceeding 35 mm, not cinematographic. - 9006 harmonized code 80 Lb 500.00










Total Number
of Packages
8 Total 155 Lb 725.00

Signature of shipper/exporter (type name and title and sign)
I declare all the information contained in this invoice to be true and correct
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