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Integrating with FedEx Web Services

FedEx Web Services is the next generation API for integrating software applications with FedEx Systems.  What are Web services?  Essentially, they are a collection of programming technologies that allows users to build customized solutions for application integration.

FedEx is currently refocusing its web integration capabilities toward Web services.  Those who have developed solutions with FedEx in the past using FSM Direct or FSM API can rest assured that existing implementations are continuing to be supported.  However, new features will not be offered with these products.  Developers are encouraged to make the switch to FedEx Web Services in order to take advantage of all of the new and improved features that will be possible through FedEx Web Services.

Web services differ from traditional client/server models in that they allow for application-to-application communication.  In other words, applications interface with each other, not with the users.  This means applications can be combined to create more powerful services.  For instance, a user could choose to combine FedEx Web Services with Web services from other organizations to create unique, customized solutions.

Web services represent the future of application integration because they offer the following:
  • Inter-operability: Any Web service can interact with any other Web service and can be written in any language.
  • Ubiquity: Web services communicate using HTTP and XML—so any connected device that supports these technologies can both host and access Web Services.
  • Low Barrier to Entry: The concepts behind Web services are easy to understand, and developers can quickly create and deploy them using many tool-kits available on the Web.
  • Industry Support: Major content providers and vendors are supporting the Web services movement.

From a business and product planning standpoint, FedEx Web Services is an ideal choice for integration.  FedEx Web Services are designed to achieve the following:

Streamline operations
Integrate common FedEx functionality into your business workflow, including the ability to locate the best rates, estimate transit times, and track shipments.

Save time by automating common processes like rate and service selection, generating labels, and exchanging data between information sources.

Industry standard
FedEx Web Services conforms to industry standards and is compatible with a comprehensive array of developer’s tools to provide faster time to market and increased flexibility to integrate FedEx transactions and information into your applications.

FedEx WSDLs are designed to be fully interoperable with any product or developer’s tool that also conforms to the WS-I Basic Profile. For details see: Web Services Interoperability.

A wealth of resources
FedEx Web Services Technical Resource offers developers a secure environment to access the resources necessary for integration—from product planning guidance, documentation and sample code all the way to testing and production. Everything a developer needs to complete a FedEx integration project in record time.

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Register to access Technical Resources and get started today at the FedEx Developer Resource Center !

FedEx Web Services Capabilities
FedEx Web Services Version 1.0 is organized into Standard and Advanced services.  Standard services do not require certification for proprietary developers, while Advanced services do require certification for these users (see the Understanding Requirements for more information on certification requirements and developer types).

The Developer Resource Center offers sample code for these services in five programming languages: Java, C#, C++, VB.Net, and PHP.

Standard Services
Provide origin, destination, weight, and service and obtain rate quote

Rate Available Services
Provide origin, destination and weight and obtain list of available services rate quotes
Tracking and Visibility
View tracking information for all of your inbound, outbound or third-party shipments.
FedEx Signature Proof of Delivery
Obtain delivery confirmation as well as signature proof of delivery

FedEx Notification
Email notification of package shipment or delivery
Advanced Services
Ship/Cancel Ship
Obtain a label for your package
Courier Dispatch
Courier Dispatch/ Cancel Courier Dispatch
Request Courier pick up

There are additional Services listed on the FedEx Developer Resource Center which are available for the United States and Canada only.

When to Use FedEx Web Services
FedEx Web Services is best for:
  • Online transactions which require immediate response
  • Situations with low to moderately intensive transaction volume
When to use another approach

  • We recommend that integrations requiring extremely high volume be implemented with FedEx Ship Manager Server.
  • Situations where network connectivity is in question or undesired.
If you are transitioning from earlier implementations using either the FSM Direct or FSM API

FedEx Web Services Version 1.0 includes all functions supported by FSM Direct and FSM API. While FedEx will continue to support existing implementations with these products, FedEx will not add new functionality to FSM Direct and FSM API.

FedEx Web Services 1.0 is currently in the WSDL format only. However, we are near completion on a version of the Direct XML API which rationalizes and unifies the XML calls with the WSDL syntax. This will provide added flexibility to developers who may prefer to use this method.

For more details please visit the FedEx Developer Resource Center or write an email to the European Customer Technology Support Center (emeawebservices@fedex.com).

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