Spring 2014 Edition

  • Improvements To European Distribution Centre

Improvements To European Distribution Centre

The outbound handling area at the European Distribution Centre (EDC) in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, has seen many improvements over the years. In this specific section of the warehouse, the picked orders are scanned, packed, labelled and despatched according to our customers’ requirements. As in any distribution centre we are constantly investing in our people, infrastructure and processes to improve efficiencies and meet the ever evolving needs of our customers.


We recently recognised that the increasing demand for customised packaging was putting our outbound volume capacities under pressure. At the same time it was clearly necessary to take proper account of the impact of continuing growth whilst avoiding handling and routing errors at all costs. Having considered all these factors our Operations Manager, Mark Ceelen, decided to entirely redesign the outbound handling area and to streamline all warehouse operations.


So what has actually changed? Well, first of all the existing conveyor belt has been turned 90 degrees, thereby creating additional space for the new set up. A second conveyor belt has then been added to enable us to handle higher volumes and maximise the use of our automatic three-dimensional scanner. We have also added extra packing stations and introduced customised packing tables which can operate without causing any hold ups on the standard packing stream. Last, and by no means least, the electricity network and cable management systems have been rerouted.


We are proud to say that after much careful thought and detailed planning the entire scheme was successfully implemented last month, with absolutely no impact on our daily operations at all – which is exactly what you would expect from FedEx. These changes to the EDC in Eindhoven have made our operations fully future proof.


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