Spring 2015 Edition

  • Your Customer Survey Answers Keep Us On Our Toes!

Your Customer Survey Answers Keep Us On Our Toes!

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Your views about our service standards really matter to us. So we think you'll be interested to know the key results of our latest customer satisfaction survey and to find out what we've done in response to all you've told us.

Firstly, you clearly appreciated being able to complete an online form rather than a paper version, because your response rate doubled. Thank you!

We're also pleased to know that 90% of you are very satisfied by our performance, and that you give high ratings to our transport and distribution services. In addition, it's especially good to know that you're now much happier with the new set-up of our Customer Service department since we restructured it in response to the feedback you gave us last year. That's a very good example of the way in which your comments really help us!

Some of our customers in the field of highly sensitive products and shipments challenged us on certain aspects of our warehousing operations. We took that challenge and are now working on initiatives to even further improve satisfaction levels. These include a project to limit human labelling errors to practically zero, plus the introduction of an enhanced “expert” warehouse staff training program.

Another area where we will push ourselves and raise the bar is on handling complaints, which includes the follow-up on CAPA’s (Corrective And Preventive Action). Without any doubt, it is our aim to do things right the first time, but in case it’s required we will resolve – fast and correct! So, we are conducting a detailed review of the tasks and responsibilities of FedEx team members involved and adding functional Managers to the process. Additionally, we are establishing systems to ensure that we provide you with more frequent updates.

To sum up, we really do rely on your honest opinions to help us provide you with the best and most responsive service levels, today and tomorrow. That's why the results of each of our surveys are studied throughout FedEx, right up to senior board level, and that's why we always take immediate and positive action to respond to your views.

We'll be organising our next survey in May, just one month away from now, so please do find time to complete it once we publish it online.

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