What are the benefits of being a FedEx Compatible Provider?

When you are a FedEx Compatible provider, you benefit from the global reach of the FedEx network. Your solution is promoted with our worldwide Sales teams and on the FedEx site; as well as receiving the distinction of being FedEx-certified. You will also receive support from a dedicated team, and access to marketing and program benefits exclusive to our Compatible partners.

The Compatible Program Overview

We work with the industries best software providers
The FedEx Compatible program seeks to develop win-win relationships with third-party software providers to enable their systems with FedEx shipping functionality. Today, customers of all sizes demand integration. With the FedEx Compatible program, customers can conveniently access FedEx through a single, third-party shipping solution that has passed FedEx certification testing.

Provider Advantages
FedEx Compatible expands our providers’ ability to grow their business through the resale and distribution of FedEx software. FedEx gives certified software providers industry leading technical support; access to FedEx sales channels and marketing programs to create a competitive advantage.

Faster Activation
Distribute your software in a simple, standardised method. Certified solution providers can activate new customers easily and quickly.

Get Promoted
Benefit from the power of FedEx promotion and get placed on the fedex.com compatible site to let customers find you easily. Providers that meet all program obligations can additionally be promoted to customers worldwide with our FedEx Sales teams.

Provider Support
Rely on FedEx as our dedicated support team helps you each step of the way.

Customer Trust
Customers look for solutions that are “FedEx Certified.” Use the FedEx Brand to make your certified solution stand out from the rest.

  • The Compatible Program Overview

The Compatible Program Overview


  • FedEx Compatible Program FAQ

FedEx Compatible Program FAQ

Find the answers to your questions about the FedEx Compatible program, including the benefits and how to apply.


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Become a FedEx Compatible Provider

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Helping Your Customers Succeed

As a FedEx Compatible provider, you offer the best way to enhance your customers' shipping efficiency without reinventing their business processes. Customers can reduce the cost and complexity of running multiple systems, re-entering information and retraining employees on a new program.

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