Tracking, Visibility and Shipment Monitoring

When you’re working with vital healthcare products, it’s not just about the final delivery. You need to know the status of your shipment from start to finish, inside and out. We provide advanced tracking, monitoring and visibility solutions so you can track the entire journey of your shipment.

FedEx Priority AlertTM

This specialized, contract-only service is ideal for healthcare, aerospace equipment, scientific, financial services and medical equipment businesses that require maximum visibility and delivery compliance for their shipments.

FedEx Priority Alert combines advanced shipment monitoring, proactive notification, intervention and recovery capabilities.

You can count on this monitoring solution for:

  • Peace of mind. You'll get an extra level of inbound and outbound awareness for your most important shipments.
  • Dedicated support. To each account, we assign a dedicated sales specialist who understands your business and operational needs while monitoring shipment activities.

This solution is currently available in select countries/territories. Contact your account executive to find out if this service is right for you.

In-Transit Monitoring: SenseAwareSM powered by FedEx

SenseAwareSM is a first-of-its-kind information service that provides near real-time access to your shipments’ vital statistics. The service integrates an advanced multi-sensor device that travels inside your shipments with a powerful web-based application, enabling you to stay connected when contents are critical. SenseAware helps you heighten security, improve efficiency and productivity, and gain confidence from business partners and clients.

The web-based SenseAware platform, which is easily accessible and can be used with or without FedEx® services, transforms sensor information into indispensable insight by providing:

  • Near real-time visibility of environmental conditions and location
  • A powerful vantage point for managing all of your critical shipments and devices
  • Permission-based access to share predetermined data with business partners and other interested parties
  • Customisable triggers and alerts that can be present before travel and changed while in transit

This breakthrough device monitors your shipment's:

  • Current location
  • Accurate temperature
  • Exposure to light
  • Relative humidity
  • Barometric pressure

Go to SenseAware for more in-depth information. If you're interested in becoming a SenseAware customer or signing up for email updates, complete the customer interest from.

You can also watch a short video on SenseAware.

Download the SenseAware handout

SenseAware Success Story
When your work involves testing lab and research samples, every delivery is critical and a lost specimen is not an option. See how a FedEx customer uses SenseAware to track his shipments.

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