Cold Chain and Temperature-Controlled Shipping

Maintaining a specific temperature range throughout the shipping process is essential to the quality of many healthcare products. You can rest assured we handle it all. We offer a portfolio of refrigerated, frozen and perishable shipping solutions for moving your medical shipments in a safe, temperature-controlled environment and managing your cold chain.

What’s New in Temperature-Controlled Shipping and Cold Chain Logistics?

Temperature-controlled shipping is constantly evolving — we bring you the latest news so you can keep pace.

From Axendia: FedEx Offers Blankets to Keep Pharma Clients Cool

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Specialty Packaging

You deal with healthcare products every day, so you know that temperature control and quality control go hand in hand. We know, too. That's why we offer specialty healthcare packaging to transport your deep frozen, cold and ambient products. Reach out to your dedicated Sales person or our Customer Service for more information about our Temperature Controlled packaging offer and how it can benefit your business.


Packaging Option When to Use
C-Safe Compressor Containers 
(+4°C to +25°C)
  • Eliminate the need for dry ice and associated challenges
  • Maintain a consistent internal temperature of the payload compartment
Dry-Ice Containers/Envirotainers
(-20°C to +25°C)
  • Choose and hold shipment temperature set points
  • Monitor temperature from pickup to delivery
  • Count on controlled positioning in the aircraft
FedEx® Thermal Blankets 
  • End-to-end solution - no blankets to buy or training required
  • Includes FedEx Priority Alert PlusTM for enhanced tracking and visibility
  • Cover perishable cargo during transportation
  • Stabilize the cargo's temperature and shield it from weather fluctuation
FedEx® Deep Frozen Solutions
(-150° C)
  • Cost-effectively ship frozen medicines and patient specimens
  • Eliminate the need for insulated boxes and dry ice
  • Meet requirements to handle infectious substances
  • Dry vapor technology enables up to10 days holding time
FedEx UN 3373 Pak and FedEx Clinical Pak
  • Safely transport infectious substances, non-infectious human or animal clinical samples and FDA-approved pharmaceuticals containing biological substances
  • Are part of our Free Packaging FedEx Express Supplies

FedEx can offer temperature controlled storage for contingency use.

Global Supply Chain and Distribution Solutions

Our supply chain services help you reach healthcare customers around the world. Access key international markets while improving your bottom line.