FedEx OptimumTM

Choose FedEx OptimumTM for next day delivery from Monday to Saturday to your recipients before 1 pm throughout mainland France1.

Get started and open an account

To open a FedEx Express France account, please contact a sales account executive. You just have to send a contact demand.

Dimensions and weight

Maximum dimension per package: Width + Length + Height ≤ 5 m
Maximum length: 2.4 m
Maximum height: 2 m
Maximum weight: 800 kg per shipment
Maximum volume: 10 m3 per shipment


  • Late pick-up, an additional vehicle or operator to be scheduled, availability in a branch: FedEx satisfies your requirements.
  • Shipments that impose specific security measures and discretion; fragile or sensitive products requiring exemplary care: FedEx in complete safety.
  • Delivery to upper floor, unpacking or pallet removal on delivery, recovery of packaging: FedEx makes life easier.
  • Delivery before or after store closures, several times a day during periods of high activity; city center delivery, supermarkets, shopping malls, hospitals, administration, in rural areas: FedEx goes everywhere.


The types of goods not covered by FedEx Express France are listed in our Conditions of Carriage FedEx Express France and Conditions of Carriage FedEx Express Belgium.

For more information, please contact our Customer Service.
For more information on shipments.

1 For Corsica, expect 2 days.